Is Transitional Bathroom Design Eclectic?


It's a common misconception that Transitional and Eclectic style are one and the same.Also that both are a hodgepodge of anything goes.Not so.In fact, Transitional style is far more restrained and formal than Eclectic.

Transitional Design

1) Inspired by the warm detailing and familiarity of Traditional style
2) Appreciates the simplicity of modern design
3) Ornamentation is scaled back and comfort is bumped up
4) Casual symmetry is preferred over asymmetry
5) Features symmetrical arrangements and a sense of formality
6) A few styles that fit under the Transitional umbrella: COTTAGE, ARTS & CRAFTS, URBAN LOFT

Eclectic Design

1) Interior decoration focused around curation
2) Brings together disparate styles and creating something unique
3) Incorporates storytelling with items that have a personal history
4) It's personal: a thought expression of the personalities who live in the space.
5) A few styles that fit under the Eclectic umbrella: this one is wide open